Back Porch Sessions

About the Back Porch Sessions

RYE Back Porch Sessions: 2018

Rye is proud to present the 7th season of music, food and summer vibes that feed the soul. We’ll save you a seat.

The Back Porch Series at RYE is back with another great season. Always free and community focused this series goes beyond the standard restaurant experience and into a warm summer night of cold drinks, good food, friends, and music. Driven by the community with the purpose of bringing the businesses and residents of Nulu and yonder together. It’s our opportunity to give back and create something local. We’ve fostered a lot of bands along the way as they’ve grown and progressed; with artists like Houndmouth, Wax Fang, James Lyndsey, 1200, Twin Limb, Murder by Death, Judah & the Lion, and Patrick Hallahan, amongst many others over the years. 2018 will mark another line-up of great artists, good food, inviting drinks and summer vibes to last.